Real Estate Investors and Your Business

It is estimated that approximately $300 billion in real estate is transacted by investors each year. Grab your piece of the pie by understanding the driving forces in the dynamic residential real estate investment market. Possessing knowledge of the strategies and mindsets of investors will help you serve your valuable investor clients effectively, responsibly, and ethically.

Through this course, you will learn the impact of real estate investment in the United States, the opportunities that exist for investors, and your role in representing the residential real estate investor.

Course highlights include:

  • Resources from Keller Williams Publishing, National Real Estate Investors Association, OwnAmerica, and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) that will help you serve your investor clients
  • A Criteria Worksheet handout that can be utilized in your efforts finding properties for your clients
  • Insights from The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, and Crash Boom! that will help you understand the mindset and strategies of investors
  • Details about current real estate market conditions and the impact of investors on the market over time
  • A look at recent data from the U.S. census, NAR surveys, and other independent studies, as well as a discussion about what it all means for today’s real estate investors
  • Tips for acting ethically, providing a high level of service, and avoiding liability issues while working with investors
  • Advice for becoming a real estate investor yourself, including legal landmines to guard against